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  • Tips to Prevent a Break In to Your NYC Apartment

    Tips to Prevent a Break In to Your NYC Apartment
    Any time you are living in New York City, whether short or long-term, preventing a break-in to your apartment and keeping your personal belongings and items safe at all times is essential to have peace of mind any time you are not at home. Implementing a few tips to help with preventing a break in to your apartment in NYC is a way for you to rid stress when you are not in the home regardless of where you are currently renting.

    Research Apartment Locations Before Signing a Lease

    Before signing a lease to a new apartment in NYC, be sure to research locations you are interested in as well as the local crime rate and types of crimes that are most likely to be committed in areas you are interested in renting in.

    Inspect All Entrances to Your Apartment Building

    Get familiar with your place of residence by inspecting and identifying all entrances to your apartment building that you plan to reside in. Knowing where entrances are is a way for you to add protection as necessary. Inquiring about security guards and cameras in the building is also recommended to determine the level of protection you already have in place.

    Install Additional Locks and Security Measures in Your Unit

    Installing additional door and window locks is highly recommended, including deadbolts and additional bars for windows in your apartment, especially if you are located closer to the ground or on the ground floor of a building yourself. Installing additional locks is a way to quickly add an additional layer of security to any place of living. You can also install motion detectors and your own security system if you want more protection from potential burglars and thieves when you are not in the home occupying it yourself.

    Get to Know Your Neighbors

    Get you know your neighborhoods in any type of apartment building or complex you live in within NYC. Getting to know your neighbors is a way to have additional friends looking out for you when you are at work or not at home.

    Keep Shades and Blinds Drawn When You’re Not Home

    Any time you are out of your apartment in NYC, keep your blinds and curtains drawn to keep onlookers from noting your absence.

    Understanding how to keep your apartment safe in NYC is a way for you to not only gain peace of mind when you are at work out of your apartment itself, but it also ensures you have taken as many steps necessary to implement additional safety and security into your premises.



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