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  • How Social Media can Disrupt your Home Security

    The common household and residence features the use of some kind of home security system.  This way in the event of a break-in or attempted burglary, the authorities are alerted, even if you are not home.  The advantages can be numerous, and most people proudly display their security system service on signs on their front lawn, warning people that they are protected, and acting as a deterrent against any future break-in attempts.  However with the start of social media, people are unknowingly making the jobs of their home security systems more difficult.

    Social media such as twitter and Facebook are being increasingly used to display statuses, as people are becoming more vocal and public about their lives, plans, engagements etc.  And while most people casually engage in the practice of revealing their plans and life updates, they remain unaware of how they are putting the security of their home at risk.  According to an article by the Huffington Post, sharing important and private information with the public is dangerous to your personal and home security, as you may be unknowingly giving potential burglar’s information about you.  At Safety Locksmith NYC, we want to make sure that you are aware of the impact of social media on your security, and in conjunction with the article mentioned previously, provide you with some ideas on what not to say on twitter and Facebook that could prevent burglary or worse.

    Which Social Media Statuses To Avoid


    Check-ins may seem like a very harmless thing to do, simply relaying where you are at the moment so that friends and family can follow all of the places you travel.  However, this can be a very potentially dangerous thing to do, as you are relaying a very critical piece of information: YOU ARE NOT HOME.  By checking in at various locations, anyone who would want to gain access to your house could, knowing very well that you are not at home, and therefore you would be putting yourself at risk.  In addition tagging others in you check-ins could potentially put your friends at risk as well.  Therefore, we suggest you exercise caution when providing check-ins on social media, and be aware of the consequences.

    Current Vacation Locations

    In the same manner that check-ins can be dangerous to home security; vacation updates can be equally as harmful.  Updating pictures and events from your current vacation is always fun, as you get to share you vacation experiences with the your friends and family, however, in the same manner as check-ins, you are simply informing people that you are not home, and thus make yourself susceptible to robbery.  We don’t want to suggest you don’t post vacation information entirely, but we recommend you exercise caution.  You can always update those lovely vacation photos after your trip is over.

    Public RSVP’s

    The great thing about recent updates to facebook and other social media outlets is that they provide you with the ability to keep certain posts and information private within a certain group, so that not everyone has access to your posts and information.  It is because of this factor that we recommend that you keep all invites and RSVP’s on a private page.  It prevents people from knowing where your going if you don’t want the public to know and it also prevents people from knowing that you are not home, and thus susceptible to burglary.  Besides, do you really want people to know you were invited to an event they weren’t?

    Future Plans

    Some people love to post interesting public countdowns to events and plans in the future as a creative way of keeping people informed of upcoming agendas.  This can be fun, however, not to sound repetitive; it can just keep people aware of the moments that you will not be home.  Holidays and vacations are fun, but try to be as discreet as possible, and keep information amongst your close friends and not the entirety of social media.

    Remodeling and Property Damage

    Some people love to post pictures of their home remodeling projects and also property damage, to show what happened to your home after an accident or natural disaster.  While you may think posting pictures like this can be harmless, they can in fact lead to burglary.  Showing property damage and remodeling could signal that your home security systems are either lacking, or is temporarily not active.  This can be enticing to potential burglars who are looking for any weaknesses in your home security to take advantage of.

    Revealing Home Photos

    Sharing photos of yourself, your friends and your family can be fun and you get to tag everyone and create massive online photo albums.  However, sometimes lost in the attention to details, can be things that you don’t realize that you are revealing about your home.  For example a simple picture of your room can reveal what kind of electronics you own, what expensive jewelry you have and where they are, what furniture you own etc.  It is recommended that you avoid all photos that can potentially reveal the layout of your home, as they can only help burglars know what there is in your that’s worth stealing, and where it is located.

    In the end social media can be a fun way to share you life experience, but much like in anything in life it best used in moderation.  Be discreet and more aware of the things that you post in social media outlets, so that people don’t accidentally retain information about yourself and your home that you don’t want to be public knowledge.  For more information on what not to post refer to the Post article, and for information on how to bolster your home security contact us at Safety Locksmith, one of the most trusted names in the locksmith industry and home security.



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