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    When you think of security, you don’t think of anything pretty.  You think of things that bulky and ugly and probably smell of metal.  At the very most, you’d think of something sleek and dark.  However, this is not the case.

    Many people do not know this, but there are multiple ways you can spruce up your locks, especially the ones that go on your front door.  After all, one of the first things someone sees when they approach your front door is the lock and the knob.  Why not have it make a statement about who you are as a person?  Add a bit of personality to your security.

    First of all, look at your door.  Do you want a single door or double doors for a dramatic flair if you have enough room?  What color should it be?  Red is always a bold confident statement.  Or maybe you like the elegance of frosted glass protected by looping iron leaves.  You can go with the traditional wood as well.  Do you want a darker finish or a lighter one?  What patterns do you want?  Should it have traditional panels or something more exciting like a circular window?  Whatever it is, you can fit it to your taste.

    Something else to look at if possible is a door knocker.  There is something vintage about them.  While you can get them in more modern and materialistic designs, nothing beats the traditional lion’s head.  Or maybe you can be unique and check out the wolf, fleur-de-lis, and mermaid.

    Then it’s the door knob and the lock plate.  The lock plate can be made of various different metals.  You can go with a gold color or a silver one.  Occasionally, you can find them in coppery tones as well.  For the door knob itself, the possibilities are endless.  You like gems?  Well, you can get a faceted glass door knob cut like the diamond you have always wanted.  If stars are your thing, you can get hand crafted glass knobs with the painted night sky.  For a more vintage look, try porcelain door knobs.  If you’re going for Victorian, there are always knobs that have been intricately carved.

    The same goes for door handles if you prefer those over door knobs.  A straight lever is usually very minimalistic while a curved one fits better against your hand.  They can be engraved with detailed patterns or, if you are feeling brave, made in the shape of a hand.

    With the technology today, everything can be made to fit you.  Just because you want to feel safe does not mean that you have to be stuck with an ugly lock that clashes with your home and personality.  Each part can be chosen individually and put together to your liking.  If you are going to spend most of your life in the same place anyway, might as well give it a bit of character.  What’s fun about having a home that looks the same as your neighbor’s?



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