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  • How to replace a Yale Deadbolt lock


    There may come a time where you need to replace your Yale deadbolt lock if you lose your keys or if the lock has been damaged. It is important to note that if your lock was damaged from your door being kicked in, you will want to evaluate the structural soundness of your door before just replacing the lock.

    Getting Started with Replacing Your Deadbolt


    You will want to purchase your new Yale deadbolt first before removing the old lock so that your home is left unprotected for a minimal amount of time. Replacing a lock with the same size is usually an easy process because you will not need to precut new holes, even if you choose a different decorative trim for your lock. If you find that your new lock is not fitting into the existing holes, you may need to enlarge these holes with a chisel or drill. The only tools you will normally need for replacing a
    Yale deadbolt will be a Philips head screwdriver, measuring tape and perhaps a rubber mallet.


    Removing the Old Lock


    You will first need to remove the metal latch plate from the edge of your door by removing the two screws holding it in place. You can then slide out the bolt mechanism. Next, you will need to disassemble the interior thumbturn and plate by removing the two screws that are located near the thumbturn. After removing the screws, pull each half of the assembly away from your door.


    Setting the Backset


    You will want to measure the space from the edge of the door to the center of the hole where you will be installing your lock. This measurement will be either 2-3/8 or 2-3/4 inches long and is referred to as the backset measurement. You will need this measurement to set the length for the bolt mechanism of the lock.


    Remove the bolt component from the package and locate its backset adjustment, which is a small push button. Slide it in the needed direction to either shorten the bolt to 2-3/8 inches or lengthen it to 2-3/4 inches. You can now place the latch into the existing hole so that the bolt sticks out from the door’s edge. Install the new latch plate with the screws provided to secure the bolt.


    Installing New Lock


    Place the outside part of the lock into the exterior of your door. You will need to slide the tailpiece from the cylinder into the bolt mechanism. Be sure that the word “Yale” appears right side up on top of the keyhole.


    Inside, place the thumbturn plate so that the connector bars are lined up with the matching slots on the lock. You will then need to press the plate against the door and secure it with the screws supplied. The final step will be to test your new lock to ensure it is working correctly and test all your keys.



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