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  • Burglary Prevention Tips for Businesses in NYC

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    When you run a business in New York City, you know that you can never be too careful. New York is a city that never sleeps and letting your guard down for even a moment can result in some serious damage being done. With burglary rates being as high as they are, how can you ensure that you protect yourself and your business?

    Light It Up

    Whether your business is on a desolated strip or you are in the middle of a fair amount of foot traffic, lighting up your property is always a good idea. You should consider lighting up the entryways and the windows, but that is just the start. Remember that you should also light up the interior, so that people passing by can see into the building itself. This is something that makes burglars think twice.

    Hedging Your Bets

    Remember that when it comes to protecting your property, hedges are more than just decoration. A thick, thorny and prickly hedge is something that impedes a burglar’s progress, and at the end of the day, they can make a property less desirable. Choose wide hedges over tall narrow ones, and plant them under windows and other points of possible entry.

    Safety Glass

    When it comes to simply preventing entry, remember that safety glass is key. This particular type of glazing makes glass very difficult to break. Unlike regular glass which can be shattered in an instant, giving a quick burglar access to a surprising amount of property, safety glass is much tougher. Most burglars won’t want to mess with it after a few blows.

    Lock It Up

    Locks are a basic form of security, but you would be surprised how often people ignore them. Every exterior door should have a deadbolt lock in it and all of your window locks should be placed so that they cannot be accessed even if the window is broken. Also, remember that dock doors and receiving doors should be secured with a high quality padlock.

    Human Error

    Remember that even a great system can be broken because of a failure to use it. Whenever you bring on a new employee, remember to give them a written policy on locking up and security. Make sure that every employee knows how to use the system, and write up people who forget. Doing this can help you maintain a secure perimeter for your business.

    If you are someone who is invested in keeping your business safe, take a moment to consider how to prevent burglars. A little bit of preparation goes a long way in NYC!



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