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  • Burglary in NYC: NYC Thieves Steal $700,000 in Cartier Watches

    cartier 5th ave


    The flagship location in Midtown was recently robbed in daylight in January. Thieves staged a heist that took place in broad daylight at Cartier’s Fifth Avenue location. The group entered the premises through the side doors after casing the place and used hammers to gain entry to the displays. The group managed to snag dozens of watches in the process. The thieves entered through the side door of the 52nd Street location at 12:30 PM on a Wednesday afternoon.

    The store wasn’t crowded at the time. There were only half a dozen patrons and 12 employees present at the time. Individuals reportedly saw several small, unassuming men peering through the display cases. Those present started hearing glass cases shatter but thought that an accident outside of the location had occurred. Before security guards were able to react, the thieves had already made off with the merchandise.
    A total of 16 watches valued at a combined total of $700,000 were stolen. Thieves took as many from the location as they could and only watch left behind. Surveillance cameras identified five men on camera fleeing from the store.

    Security professionals and authorities continue to investigate the footage in search of additional clues. All thieves managed to successfully elude security guards. Investigators verified that two of the individuals were masked and that three of the men were using hammers. Gloves were present throughout the entire process.

    To date, two of the thieves were arrested in connection with incident. One of the parties arrested were involved in a similar smash and grab incident in a Midtown shop and served eight years in jail for the crime. The other suspect served 10 years in prison for murder. Roberto Grant, 33, was a repeat offended with over 20 arrests on his record. Grant had been involved in an incident in March 2004 at an Audemars Piguet on East 57th Street where one ring and 10 watches were stolen. Grant has a $75,000 Cartier watch and was sported the same attire he wore during the raid. Allen Williams, 35, and Grant were nabbed the following day at 11:30 PM. Williams confessed to the crime and was caught with a $42,000 timepiece when apprehended. Williams also stated he was was the getaway driver.

    Before hitting up this location, these robbers were thrown out of a nearby jewelry store but were removed by security. Bystanders report seeing the individuals casing the location shortly before the incident had occurred. Authorities believe that because all of the resources were tied up and focusing on overseeing SuperBowl festivities. Police believe that this event was linked to six other similar incidents.



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