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  • How Burglar Alarms Work

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    Burglaries and other neighborhood crimes are featured daily on news stations across the United States. As crime increases, more people look for ways to not only secure their valuable belongings, but also make sure their families are safe. Home burglar alarms increase feelings of security, especially when you have a firm understanding of how they work to protect you.


    Circuit Systems

    The most basic burglar alarms work on either an open-circuit or a closed-circuit system. In a closed-circuit system an alarm is triggered when an electrical circuit is broken. For example, if a closed-circuit device is placed on a window, as long as the window is shut, the circuit remains closed and electricity is able to flow through. If a burglar opens the window, the circuit is broken and an alarm is triggered. In an open-circuit system an alarm is triggered when a burglar closes the circuit. An example of this system is an alarm floor mat. When a person steps on it, two metal pieces come together, closing the circuit and activating the alarm.


    Motion Detectors

    Many burglar alarm systems work by utilizing motion detectors. Motion detectors look specifically for disturbances in a room. For example, light-based detectors sense when someone crosses a light beam, which sets off an alarm. Radar-based detectors use microwave radio energy to reflect back motion pattern changes in the room. More advanced systems use passive infrared to detect changes in body heat in a room.


    Alarm systems utilize various alerts depending on the type and features of your system. The most basic signal is an alarm loud enough to startle a potential burglar and alert you and others to an intruder in your home. Some systems are rigged to flash indoor or outdoor lights when a break in is detected to also attract outside attention towards your home. Higher end systems include an automatic phone dialer that will either call emergency services and play a pre-recorded message that includes your home address, or it will dial a monitoring service that can relay the signal to an emergency service for you.

    Burglar alarms provide varying levels of protection and service depending on the company providing the product and the cost of the system. However, alarm systems are available for all budget types, from systems that can be installed yourself, to professionally installed home automation systems complete with 24-hour monitoring service. Regardless of which direction you choose, every component of an alarm system you install provides a greater peace of mind for you and your family.



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