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  • 30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Locks


    Locks are so common place people don’t often stop to think much about them. Here are thirty interesting facts.

    1.  Locks have been around for more than 4,000 years.
    2.  The first locks used were most likely created out of wood.
    3.  The oldest known example of a wooden lock was used in a Persian king’s castle.
    4.  Metal locks made from iron probably have their beginnings in Britain.
    5.  Robert Barron created the double-acting tumbler lock in 1778.
    6.  American James Sargent developed a combination lock in 1857.
    7.  Before true locks came into existence, knotted ropes were used for securing items.
    8.  Warded locks are designed so that only a specific matching key will turn. These were used in Rome for more than 1,000 years. There are only six basic lock designs for use in doors.
    9. There are only six basic lock designs for use in doors.
    10.  Padlocks were first invented to secure the portable items of traveling merchants.
    11.  Padlocks original were very artistic with intricate shapes and designs.
    12.  In medieval times, homeowners didn’t have the keys to their locks—the town guards had them.
    13.  Catherine the Great had a large collection of locks.
    14.  King Louis XVI had an interest in locksmithing and learned about the trade from Gamin.
    15.  During the Renaissance locksmiths became famous for their artwork.
    16.  Charles Courtney was a diver who had a unique ability to pick locks and recover items from the ocean.
    17.  In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are multiple references to locks.
    18.  Around 700 BC, the Greeks used a latchstring lock to look doors from the outside.
    19.  The key for the Greek locks was used to pull the bolt from outside the home.
    20.  The Chinese had combination locks with movable rings.
    21.  During the middle ages, locksmiths spent 10 years as an apprentice to become a journeyman.
    22.  To become a master, it took many hours to make a master lock approved by the guild.
    23. Locks are made from metal such as brass or zinc.
    24. The common Yale lock is named after American Linus Yale Jr., who improved the pin-tumbler lock.
    25.  Locks can be low or high-security.
    26. It can take from 8 to 12 weeks to produce an order of locks.
    27. Once they are manufactured, locks are assembled by hand.
    28.  Combination locks were used on the dispatch boxes of couriers.
    29.  A Yale lock is very hard to pick.
    30.  In the 20th century timer locks were developed.


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