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  • 3 Ways to Get Back Into Your Locked Car

     locked out of car

    There’s no feeling like the one you get when hopelessly standing outside your locked car. It seems to happen when the asphalt is sodden and you have paper bagged groceries, or you’re about to drive a date home and the keys are snug in the ignition or sleeping gently on the seat. That’s the way life goes sometimes. But, who doesn’t wish that in those instances they could perform some voodoo on the door to get it to unlock? Well, we have a few DIY tips to try if the materials are at hand and you don’t want to hire a locksmith to come to your rescue. If not, call a trusted locksmith. It may save you time and effort. Otherwise, check out what we’ve compiled bellow.


    Blood Pressure?

    Keeping a blood pressure cuff around may come in handy at getting you back into your car. If you’ve locked your keys in the car and the window has a small crack, try to inch down the window with your fingers and insert the cuff. Pump the cuff so that it inflates and gently creates enough space for you to insert an unraveled clothes hanger through the window to extract the keys or push the unlock button. This may of course require some deft clothes hanger maneuvering, but we believe in you.



    If you find yourself stranded in the land of no clothes hangers, you can try this odd one out. Untie one of your shoes and remove the lace. With the lace create a slipknot in the center. At the corner of the door insert the lace and pull it down along the side of the door until the lace enters the interior of the car. Once the lace enters the interior of the car, put the slipknot over the lock knob and pull to tighten and then lift. This tactic works primarily on older automobiles, but is pretty useful if you have some time and a few attempts in you.


    Slim Jim

    Slim Jim. Our first thought is the Randy Savage beef jerky saying “ohhhhhh yeeeeah!” but unfortunately that’s not where we are going with this blog. Slim Jims are slender flexible pieces of metal that locksmiths usually own and operate with. A Slim Jim can be slipped down through windows and at the end of the apparatus there is usually a hook which enables the user to pop the lock from inside the car. It doesn’t hurt to read up on how Slim Jims are used because they can easily cause damage to a car if you’re not careful.


    If you’re not going to do it yourself, locksmiths that you call should provide the following services:

    • Car Lockout

    • High Security Keys

    • Ignition keys

    • Car Lock Replacement

    • Car Key Replacement

    • Transponder Key Replacement

    • Removal of Broken Car Keys

    • Auto Door Lock Unlocking

    • 24/7 Locksmith Support (Emergency 24/7 lock services)

    To ensure that you get the best locksmith do your research ahead of time. Don’t get locked out and have to rely on a crook with a base price that turns into a launch pad. If you’re popping your own lock, good luck and hopefully you’ll get into your car soon if the next time arrives.



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